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Title:   Explore! A Kingdom of Love and Passion Dressrosa!
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Episode Summary from one piece wikia :

The Thousand Sunny docks at Dressrosa, inbetween boulders. Luffy strikes his characteristic pose, loudly declaring their arrival. Franky is eager to locate and destroy the factory. Luffy tries to ride Momonosuke like earlier on Punk Hazard, but Momonosuke claims he doesnt know how to fly, and cant remember doing it. He says even if he could, he would never do such a dreadful thing while vaguely recalling a dark hand reaching out to him and someone asking him for his name. The pair proceed to fight over whether Momonosukes a coward or not, in spite of his insistence that a samurai fears nothing. Luffy proclaims he doesnt care about samurai, and states that he is going to be Pirate King one day, while Momo bites his head and counters by saying he is going be a shogun of Wano one day. Brook sighs and reminds Luffy that he is fighting an eight year old. Kinemon steps in and scolds his son, telling him to respect the man who saved his life. Kinemon tells him that the samurai of Wano have high pride, but also tells Luffy to not be so caught up in arguing an eight year old, but the two continue to stick their tongues at each other. Kinemon offers to provide disguises for the groups time on the island. He claims the men all wear shirts and suits, while the women are all naked, which pleases Sanji and infuriates Nami.

Law gives Nami a Vivre Card that points towards Zo, in case something happens to them. Law shows the Straw Hats a map of Dressrosa that one of his crew members drew. The team handing Caesar over to Doflamingo will pass through Dressrosa and head north, over a long bridge, to Green Bit; apparently, one cannot get there by ship. Law, Usopp, and Robin (with Caesar) are the team heading to Green Bit. Meanwhile, Nami, Momo, Brook and Chopper will look after the Sunny while the rest will head to destroy the factory.

As Sanji, Kinemon, Franky, Zoro and Luffy walk around the island, they witness the things for which Dressrosa is renowned: the beautiful fields of flowers, the scent of delicious food, the tireless, passionate dances of women and, to the entire groups stunned surprise, animate humanoid toys that live alongside the people. A doll-man has his arm torn off and stolen by a dog, while a tin soldier remarks that he recognizes the Straw Hats from the newspaper. The team then hears a scream as someone gets stabbed in the street Zoro asks if there is a slasher roaming the street, but a toy soldier explains that the women on the island are of such passion that they stab any man caught cheating on them, which stuns Luffys team again.

The group is in the port town of Acacia. Kinemon disguises them all in black suits, shirts, and fake beards as Luffy declares that it is time to eat. A bind man descends some stairs, walking towards the Straw Hats. Zoro places his hand by his side, ready to draw his sword, but the man simply asks for directions and moves on. At a restaurant, Sanji remarks that the city seems too calm for a nation whose king just resigned this morning. Luffy tries to ask someone nearby for info, but Sanji stops him, reminding him his face was on the newspaper just that morning. A toy monkey waiter brings the groups food and Sanji inquires about the name of his soup. The waiter them that the island has a legend about fairies, and that they have been sighted there for centuries.

The restaurant also has a casino, with tables across the room from the eating area. The blind man is on a winning streak at one of the roulette tables. Eventually a bunch of crooks come out and begin taking advantage of the blind man, telling him lies about the roulette results of the game, stating that the ball has landed on the wrong color. The punks state amongst themselves that with Buffalo absent from the bar, they can cheat as much as they please. The other customers are displeased, commenting on the dishonor done to Doflamingos name by their actions. The blind man ultimately bets all of his chips.

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The Thousand Sunny docks at Dressrosa, inbetween boulders. Luffy strikes his characteristic pose, loudly declaring their arrival. Franky is eager to locate and destroy the factory. Luffy tries to ride Momonosuke like earlier on Punk Hazard, but... more..


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