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Title:   Deliver Princess Vivi! The Luffy Pirates Set Sail!
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Episode Summary from one piece wikia :

Having defeated Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine, Luffy and Zoro turn back to each other, prepared to resume their own battle. Vivi and Carue watch helplessly, still shocked that they beat a Baroque Works Officer Agent pair so easily. But before they can strike their first blows at each other, Nami knocks them both silly. While Luffy finally understands why Zoro was fighting Whiskey Peaks denizens, Nami presses Vivi on a 1 billion contract to return her to Alabasta. Vivi says its unlikely shell be able to pay due to the brewing civil strife in her home kingdom. She had learned a few years before that Baroque Works was manipulating the populace of Alabasta for the purpose of usurping her father, the king. She asked Igaram, one of her closest allies, to help her infiltrate the organization and find out who was pulling the strings. She reveals who the leader is: Mr. 0 is Crocodile, one of the Shichibukai (though telling them his real name would end up putting them on his hit list, which she tried to avoid, but said so by accident).

The moment she utters his name, the Unluckies appear. Mr. 13 makes composite sketches of Luffy, Zoro and Nami, and they fly off. Nami enraged by this turn of events shakes off out of anger for getting them into this, whereas the princess repeatedly apologizes sincerely for accidently telling them, saying it just slipped out, but Nami is still not satisfied. While Zoro and Luffy are excited to potentially be on a Shichibukais hit list, Nami laments being in such mortal danger the moment they enter the Grand Line. While they try to figure out what to do, Igaram returns. He has arrived dressed vaguely like Vivi and carrying three dummies, which are supposed to be the present Straw Hats. He will use Vivis Eternal Pose to get straight to Alabasta, and will act as a decoy. He recommends that Vivi island-hop to Alabasta with the Straw Hats using their Log Pose, making it harder for Baroque Works to trace them. Igaram says that before Crocodile became a World Government-sanctioned privateer, he had an 80-million bounty, so he is highly dangerous. Luffy eagerly accepts the challenge.

But shortly after Igaram sets sail, his ship explodes in a fireball even bigger than Whiskey Peak itself, incinerating the decoys and sending the Eternal Pose into the water. Angered, Luffy runs to the Going Merry to set sail. Nami quickly comforts Vivi, who presumes Igaram to be dead. She promises that her crew can easily handle Baroque Works, and they will get her home. Luffy finds Sanji and Usopp, grabs them and drags them to the ship. Vivi wonders where Carue went, but he turns up on the ship already. While they prepare to sail, a woman in a cowboy hat realizes the ship that exploded was a decoy. Vivi directs them down a river to get to sea, saying that Baroque Works has a total of over 2,000 agents with several bases along the way to Alabasta.

As dawn breaks, the Going Merry gets out to open water in a light fog. An unknown voice joins the ship, and they see someone stowing away; the lady with the cowboy hat from the previous night. She says this is a nice ship. Vivi instantly recognizes the woman as the Vice President of Baroque works and female partner of Mr. 0 himself: Miss All-Sunday. She says she ran into Mr. 8 just a bit ago, implying she was the one that blew up his ship. Luffy just wants to know why shes on their ship and whether shes good or bad. Miss All-Sunday says she allowed Vivi to follow her and find out who Mr. 0 was, intrigued by a young girl trying to save her kingdom, but calling it ridiculous. Zoro and Nami draw their weapons, while Usopp and Sanji hold her up; Usopp with his slingshot, and Sanji with a pistol. Usopp notes its out-of-character for Sanji to threaten a woman, but he explains he sees her as a threat to Vivi. Miss All-Sunday non-chalantly tells them not to point dangerous things at her, and suddenly they are all mysteriously disarmed. They realize she is a Devil Fruit user of some sort. Sanji also, after seeing how beautiful Miss All-Sunday looks, predictably falls for her.

Miss All-Sunday says she has no orders, so she has no reason to deal with them right now. She also reveals shes heard of Luffy as she sneaks his hat off with her power. She then reveals that Namis Log Pose is pointing to Little Garden, home to one of the bases of Baroque Works. She tosses Luffy back his hat, and gives Vivi an Eternal Pose that points to Nanimonai Island, an uninhabited island near Alrabasta. It will bypass all of their bases and supposedly allow Vivi to get safely home. Although Vivi thinks about it, Luffy crushes the Eternal Pose without a second thought. He tells Miss All-Sunday he will not allow an outsider to determine his crews course. She says she likes Luffys spirit, and they should meet again someday if they make it through Baroque Works. She then departs, riding a large sea turtle. Vivi collapses, frustrated by Miss All-Sundays ambiguous nature. The others clue Usopp and Sanji in on whats going on as they continue their journey.

Elsewhere, Miss All-Sunday wonders how the Straw Hats will fare when they get to Little Garden. A quick view of the island foreshadows the presence of giants.

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Having defeated Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine, Luffy and Zoro turn back to each other, prepared to resume their own battle. Vivi and Carue watch helplessly, still shocked that they beat a Baroque Works Officer Agent pair so easily. But before they can strike their first blows at each... more..


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